The Erik Rubens Club Service Award

This Club Service Award commenced in 2019 in memory of the late President Elect Erik Rubens. This award recognises club members who have made significant contributions in the area of club service and emphasises the importance of club service to the successful running of a club. Erik joined the Rotary Club of Templestowe in July 2013 and immediately became involved in many areas of the club. He held the role of Membership and Marketing Director in the years 2015/16 and 2016/17 and introduced several new members into the club. Erik was awarded the Club Norm Newstead Community Service Award in 2014 and the Club Leadership Award in 2016. Erik was elected in 2017 as President Elect for the 2018/19 year. He felt very strongly about the importance of Club Service for the betterment of the club. He was responsible for finding a much-improved meeting venue for the club in 2018. He also worked closely with other members to ensure the Fellowship, Social Dinners Out, Catering and Attendance, Health and Welfare and Program and other areas of club service worked well. He also organised a Christmas Party with a difference for Christmas 2017. Outside Rotary, Erik was a local businessman and strong networker and was well known in the Manningham business community. He was heavily involved in, and supportive of, the Manningham Business Excellence Awards for many years, was Board for the Ajani Living and Learning Centre and also spent a number of years as a member of the Manningham Business Network (MBN). He also volunteered on Inner FM 96.5 community radio for a couple of years and was a very big fan of Formula 1 racing. Erik passed away suddenly in early December 2017 at the age of 64, before he had the opportunity to be appointed President and to introduce his new ideas into the club. Erik is survived by his wife Janene, who with him owns a travel business called The Travel Store located in Templestowe, and his two daughters Helena and Sarah. 

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