Honour Roll

Our club has several awards to recognise the outstanding contributions of those amongst us in the community.

The Norm Newstead Community Service Award

This Community Service Award commenced in 2004 in memory of the late Charter Member Norm Newstead who passed away on 3 December 2004. This is a perpetual trophy award created to acknowledge Norm’s outstanding contributions to the community, who lived the ideal of service above self. Click here to view the award recipients.

The Eagle Leadership Award 

The Eagle Leadership Award which was initiated by Past President Andrew Hogendijk, acknowledges members who have demonstrated leadership over and above expectation. The award recognises that major steps forward by a Rotary club can only occur when people step up and take a leadership stand to inspire and motivate others to achieve great things. 

This award is in the form of a perpetual trophy with plaques on it with the name of the individual who was awarded it in each year since its inception. Click here to view the award recipients.

The Erik Rubens Club Service Award

This Club Service Award commenced in 2019 in memory of the late President Elect Erik Rubens. This award recognises club members who have made significant contributions in the area of club service and emphasises the importance of club service to the successful running of a club. Click here to view the award recipients.

Past Presidents and Past District Governors

Click here to view our long history of illustrious leaders.