Co-President's Ramblings October 2023

Co-President's Ramblings October 2023

Club Ramblings from our Co-Presidents – 16 October 2023

1. Last week - Wednesday 11 October – we had a very informative presentation from an inspiring group of youth focused educators last week.  Katie Mills, Vanessa Latanzio and Ramanya Annavarapu, all from Doncaster Secondary College outlined their work, their achievements and importantly, their needs and aspirations.  They were introduced by David Rosenwax who has ‘interacted’ with this enthusiastic team for a number of years – through RC Doncaster.

 We are very fortunate to have a number of members doing some great things with youth and young students – Kathy, Daryl, David R, Brian T, Luke….great work by all and from what we heard on Wednesday, there are more needs from more schools and more youths. RMC Does have a keen interest in advancing its youth involvement – we have the team, we have the connections, we have the motivation and resources, and we most certainly have a full book of needs and opportunities.

2. Op Shop this week and ongoing – Ian Goldsmith and John Bennie are on Op Shop duty this Saturday – thanks lan (thanks John).  We have all roster positions filled for 2023 and will be in touch with available members to populate the January to June 2024 roster, very soon.

A call for an experienced mentor please! – the following week, on Saturday 21 October, we are grateful that Rod Simkiss and Keith Anderson will be on duty.  Both Rod and Keith – like a number of ex RCT members – are still learning the ropes so if a more experienced member is available to call in, give some support or guidance, that would be most appreciated.  Rod and Keith may be relieved to know that an old hand is available to answer any questions.

3. Wednesday 18 October – for many years, RCT held an annual Christmas Party for the residents and families at Odyssey House (just across the river from our Templestowe area).  This year, Kathy Monley has put her hand up to lead this initiative and quite a few members ticked the box to assist on that night (date TBD). Ahead of this good, fun night, Tim Flora, an Administrator at Odyssey House will address us outlining the valuable work being done assisting residents/clients and their families.  We expect that Tim, or his team and Kathy will then engage to arrange the Christmas event and that Kathy will share all details in due course.

As usual, if you have not made your attendance intentions known, please let John or Ian know ASAP (and for reasons outlined, copy Barry Halpern to assist him get into the swing of things). 

4. Attendance numbers are critical to our working relationship with the Manningham Hotel – last week, we had 32 acceptances, yet only 28 attended and we received no indications of any apologies.  Fortunately, we seem to be able to work within a buffer of about 10% - two or three more or less seems to work but it is important that continue to seek to fulfil our commitments (and that happens most weeks). 

 5. Golf Day website – Friday 22 March 2024 is the big day but as we approach that important fundraising event, it is vital that it is promoted and shared as widely as possible.  Thanks to Soula and Dean for creating the following website.  Access, review and please share and promote! If anyone has a holiday home or some other significant item that they would be willing to provide as a live auction or raffle item it would be greatly accepted so that we can reach our initial target of $35,000, which will then become $40,000 thanks to a wonderful benefactor.

6. Timor Leste Domestic Violence Book Launch – we’ve been reporting on this for some time and now advise that the Timor DV Book Launch has been rescheduled to Tuesday 14 November 2023.  As we approach the date, we will provide another reminder of precise time and venue.

7. Good Vibrations Disco – Planning is well underway for the annual Christmas themed Good Vibrations disco – to be held on Saturday 18 November 7pm-10pm.  Please pop this date and event into your diaries and volunteer – or just attend – if you are able.  Remember that you will need an up to date WWCC.

8. Is trivia your thing? – if so you might be interested to know that the Rotary Club of Boronia is holding its annual Trivia Night on Saturday 28th October, 2023 – they would love anyone to join them.  They suggest - Come along as an individual or a group (tables of 10).  We will be raising funds to sponsor a Sky Hydrant for Disaster Aid Australia.  Lots of fun to be had, Trivia, Bingo, Silent Auctions, games & much more! Please let me know if you would like to join us.  Monique Smith, Secretary, Rotary Club of Boronia, 0419 003 277


Friday 22 March 2024 – the Annual Charity Golf Day – this year, at the Heritage Golf Club in Wonga Park – please see the earlier referral to the event website - arrangements are well underway but as always, players, sponsors, prizes and lunch guests are all required

Sunday 24 March 2024 – Manningham Family Festival incorporating the W4YMH – volunteers needed, great fun to be had by all!

8. Op-Shop Roster

The revised roster through to the end of December is now filled and is as follows. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to complete your allotted shift and who you have organised to replace you. 

We need your help to ensure that all Saturday shifts are filled, and we will be starting to formulate the 2024 roster very soon – it is not arduous work at all and even if you haven’t worked at the shop before it is easy to learn the ropes. The shop opens for trading at 9.30am so you need to be there at 9.15 to set up and it then closes at 1.00pm when the Register balance and cash float are organised, and you are usually out of there by no later than 1.30pm Please let us know as soon as possible if you are able to assist. The shop will continue to be the Club’s largest source of funds, so we need everyone to step up and assist, please. 

10. Special thanks to Barry Halpern – please support Baz – we sent a request out last week for a member to fill in for John on weekly attendances (the job everyone would love to have!) and were overwhelmed with a response….of one!   Thanks to Barry Halpern who has ‘been there/done that’ so he won’t have much trouble picking up on this task over the few weeks he will do it.

Please respond to John and Ian this week; John will send out invitations for 25 October, but responses can go to Barry (that will al be clear); then Barry will manage invites and acceptances for the few weeks until JB returns.

Your support for and prompt response to Barry will be most appreciated.