President's Message October 2022

President's Message October 2022

It’s been a few weeks since I have been able to update members.  As you know, I am on a countdown to retirement at the end of November – I wrongly assumed things might get progressively quieter but I am increasingly busy as staff seek advice, direction …….and in some cases forgiveness!  

My workload will reduce dramatically very soon!

I hope the following items are of some interest.       

DG’s visit

A couple of weeks ago, we had a very successful visit from DG Ken Miller and I thank our RCT members for the high level of attendance and engagement.  The DG met with Secretary Anthony and I before the meeting – he understands our position and challenges and notes that we are taking positive steps towards upholding the objectives of Rotary.

We heard briefly from our 3 Rylarians – Kim, Keishan and Christine – and will see them again at a future meeting when we aim to dedicate the entire meeting to their feedback on RYLA.  We would hope that RC Doncaster could join RCT and RCM on that night.

Rotary meeting Wednesday 5 October

Last Wednesday, 5 October, we heard from Vanessa Virgato from EACH/Manningham Youth Services about youth services, activities and opportunities in the Manningham Community.

Future Vehicle Expo

Volunteers are needed – let’s all get behind this ‘electrifying’ initiative!

Sunday 23 October is fast approaching – the date on which this long awaited and well planned Future Vehicle Expo and Seminar will be held.

Detailed planning and arrangements continue and I’m sure Brian Negus and his organising committee would welcome any support that anyone can offer.  That support naturally includes getting advice on the Expo out and about to anyone that may be interested.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Rotary and the various ways in which we engage with and inform the community.  

RC Manningham Op-Shop Roster

A few of our members have already assisted RC Manningham in filling essential rosters for its Op-Shop.  Well done to those who have done so – this is a fantastic effort on top of the work that you are doing for our Club.

I hope that I can get onto the Roster at some stage when my schedule allows and once I learn the ropes, attend more often in the future.

We’ve remarked a few times that we need to find ways to reciprocate and show support to RCM (at the very least, to return support that they have given us with the Ann Henderson Scholarship and some other events) and joining the Op-Shop roster is one way of doing that. 

The BBQ Guy! 

Brian Tyedin is doing a great job on many fronts – W4YMH, Manningham Family Festival (in Keith’s absence), Schools Speech Comp…and of course BBQ’s! – great work BT.

Coming up is our Doncaster Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 15th October and at the time of drafting, there are still vacancies on the roster – please consider and respond to help make Brian’s work a little easier.

District Schools Speech Competition

On Wednesday 16th November, the Rotary Club of Templestowe is hosting the District Finals of the Primary schools speech competition at the Manningham Hotel with dinner beforehand at 6.00pm. 

The speech contest will start after dinner as the highlight of the night.

All the winners of the District Speech competitions will be competing and from our area , we will have winners from Doncaster and Templestowe schools competing for the ultimate prize.

These young students are great speakers and it will be a most entertaining night.  Save the date!

Regionalisation – our vote is in!

Confirming email advice to you that one week before deadline, we determined our Club position by circular email and then submitted the strong consensus of our Club to vote YES for the Regionalisation project.

Thanks again to all members who responded (approx. 92% response rate within one week of being asked).  We now await the conduct, review and outcomes of the pilot.

District Governor nominations for the forthcoming merged District 9815.

You will have noted an email to all Rotarians that the joint nominating committee met on 18 September to conduct interviews and determine a DGN.

The outcome has now been announced and the D9815 Nominating Committee has determined that the District Governor Nominee (DGN) to fill the role of District Governor for D9815 in 2024 – 2025 is Colin Byron from the Rotary Club of Greater Dandenong & Endeavour Hills. 

Colin is a Past President of his club; he is presently the Assistant Governor for Melbourne South East Cluster in D9820 and has served Rotary previously as District 9820 International Service Chair and program leader for Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC).

RI Melbourne Convention

The RI Convention will be held in Melbourne in May 2023. 

To register go to: Melbourne | Rotary Convention

For related Conference Opportunities: please visit the Host Organisation Committee website

Rotary Reconnect Week 2022 (3 – 9 October 2022) 

All around the world, Rotarians and alumni reconnect annually in early October for Rotary's Reconnect Week to share their experiences, celebrate the programs/opportunities they were involved in, network and exchange ideas. Rotary Clubs are particularly encouraged to initiate opportunities to connect with Alumni during this week. 

Our Club is advised that we can celebrate Reconnect Week by: 

  • holding an in person or zoom meeting during which one or more Alumni share their Rotary experience and/or what they have gone on to achieve since their Rotary experience holding an in person or zoom Alumni reunion or networking event 
  • holding a joint zoom meeting with the Rotary Club of a Rotary Alumnus  
  • posting a video, image or story about one or more of Rotary's Alumni (see District Alumni Facebook page for examples) 
  • Promoting opportunities via Rotary's Foundation and/or Rotary's Youth Programs to the public and members (particularly new members) 
  • Engaging with your local Rotaract, Interact and/or Early Club 
  • Promote giving opportunities to the Rotary Foundation so that more individuals can benefit from opportunities made available via the Rotary community.  


I think we are all aware of the ongoing work that is happening to make this event a reality.  Brian and Luke in particular are spending considerable time attending meetings, engaging with Council and other agencies in seeking to secure a sensible and workable solution.  We seem to be taking 2 steps forward and one backwards at the moment but the objective remains clear, that we CAN deliver this, in conjunction with the MFF and consistent with the Council grant allocated.

There is net forward movement.

The next week or so should determine if and how this project is proceeding.  Tremendous patience and efforts from our team – thanks guys.

Manningham Family Festival (MFF)

This event has also been challenged – for many different reasons.  Manningham Council had expressed new concerns regarding three things in particular – the saturated ground conditions at Finns Reserve arising from the ongoing La Nina rain events – suggesting that car parking and vehicle access could damage the reserve and in a worst case, could be banned; animals such as the camels, ponies and farm animals and the problems their droppings can cause to native grasses and the environment – particularly in proximity to the creek/waterway; and, traffic access, egress and management generally.

It is pleasing to note that at an on-site meeting held last Thursday 29 September, Brian and Luke patiently worked through all issues with Council’s officers and reached in principle agreement that all of these matters are manageable.

Certain layout plans, establishment details and traffic approvals are still required but if this is finalised as the group discussed, our Club will be allowed to proceed as planned.

These site discussions also covered the parking and access matters associated with the W4YMH and the outcome can assist us with that event.

That’s about all I have to share for now – happy reading and we will see you all this coming Wednesday.


John B.