President's Message November 2022

President's Message November 2022

Hello everyone, it's now November and I hope you find some of the following of interest:

1. Member Behind The Badge – 9 November 2022

We all know that we get enjoyment from hearing member’s stories and this week, it’s a ‘double-banger’ as we hear from our new friends and RCM colleagues, Soula Ganiatsas and Ian Goldsmith.  Soula and Ian are co-Presidents at RCM and as we’ve noted, are showing great leadership at that Club.

We look forward to yet another, enjoyable night.

2.  Spring Racing carnival celebrations

Great work last week by Graham Kane and RCM’s Ian Goldsmith in arranging and conducting a most enjoyable night.  36 attendees in total contributed to buzz and banter on the night.  We thank Kevin Andrews for his race calls and those on his table, also appreciated his racing knowledge and answers to the quiz!  Great effort by all involved.

3. How are we traveling?

I foreshadowed a couple of weeks ago that at our weekly Club Meeting on 30 November, we will be on our own.  We will take the opportunity to hold our Annual General Meeting on that night.

But importantly, we will also pause, reflect and ask ourselves, ‘how are we travelling’?  This is a reminder to collect your own thoughts and bring them to that meeting.

Not only do we want to address the second half ‘Club Program’ and give Natalie clear direction but we do need to contemplate 2022/23 – at this stage, the only certainty about next year is that PP Luke Bastian and I are nominated as co-Presidents, but we do need to address the growing elephant in the room – how will we otherwise function?

Open and transparent discussion and planning for the longer term is sound governance – so let’s embrace this opportunity and ask ourselves, ‘how are we travelling’? and ‘what lies ahead?’

4.  Mayoral Ball

On Friday 28 October, a number of us attended the Mayoral Ball. We joined with MannaCare, RCM, Doncaster East Scout Group and the Manningham Christian Fellowship to fill three tables and show support for Mayor Michelle Kleinert and her Council.

It was an enjoyable night.

5.  No more rain …please!

A few weeks ago we sent a collective message to Hughie! – please, no more rain.  I don’t think our message was heard unfortunately.

Since that time we’ve had some constant and significant rain and this has naturally caused concern for planning for the MFF and W4YMH. 

A team of members led by Keith are continuing to plan, engage with Council and others and above all, ‘pray’ for good weather ahead.  It seems like it is too early to be too confident so let’s wait and see for now.

6.  District Speech Competition

Brian Tyedin is also well advanced in his planning for this District Speech Comp to be held at the Manningham Club on Wednesday 16 November.  Details have been shared previously.

I will be an apology on this night but I will endeavour to capture attendances before I head interstate for that week.  You can therefore expect an early email and SMS from me as I pursue acceptances sooner than I normally would.  Already, I’ve had acceptances for dinner from another Club in the District so let’s hope that continues.

It promises to be a great night.

7. Future Vehicle Expo

We’ve now acknowledged directly, the success of the FVE and have recognised the key organisers – David Rosenwax, Glen Vincent and of course Brian Negus.  Brian has also informed us at last weeks meeting that Mayor Kleinert had written to him, thanking our cluster for the great event.

Once again, well done Brian – we look forward to your thoughts on a follow up, 2023 event.

That’s about all I have to share for now – happy reading.

John B.