An exciting new era begins for Rotary in Manningham

An exciting new era begins for Rotary in Manningham

Throughout the course of this Rotary year, the Rotary Clubs of Manningham (RCM) and Templestowe (RCT) have embarked upon and followed a detailed, deliberate, considered, and engaging process of assessment of the merger of both Clubs.

Our key objective has been, that if the case for a merger is proven; that if the longer-term interests of Rotary are satisfied; that if the people we serve and support are benefitted; and, that if the requisite number of members agree, that RCM and RCT should merge.

We are pleased to advise that at Special General Meetings of each Club held on 24 May 2023, 75% majorities of both Clubs resolved to merge and create a new Club – the Rotary Club of Manningham City. 

Indeed, it was unanimously resolved that this merger should proceed.

Now, in the period leading up to 30 June 2023, final and proper steps will be taken enabling the commencement of a new Rotary era in the municipality of Manningham from 1 July 2023.

Planning, consideration, deliberation, and processing aside, the united members of ‘RCMC’ will immediately focus on things that matter most – promoting and delivering the ideals of Rotary and supporting people and causes in need both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Importantly, we hold – among many aspirations – a strong desire to ‘honour our past’ and work is planned to develop and appropriately curate the long, strong and proud histories of RCM and RCT.

We remain committed to working with our cluster and District colleagues in all that we do.

To lead the Rotary Club of Manningham City in its inaugural year, the members have also endorsed Co-Presidents Elect Ian Goldsmith and John Bennie – Ian being an immediate past co-President of RCM and John, an immediate past President of RCT.

We look forward to working with you into the future.


Soula, Ian and John

2022/23 Club Presidents


Soula Ganiatsas, Co President, Rotary Club of Manningham

Ian Goldsmith, Co President, Rotary Club of Manningham

John Bennie, President, Rotary Club of Templestowe